Please just contact the reception Hotel Falken!

Breakfast voucher

Swiss local traditional breakfast is possible for our hotel guests:
Breakfast voucher for Conditorei HEINI on Falkenplatz: 20 m from the bilding of Hotel Falken.
CHF 12.50 per Portion


Hotel Falken is situated in the Old town, in the predestrian zone. As our guests you have an advantage: you are allowed to drive direct to the hotel. We can also help you to park your car. We have some parking spaces nearby the hotel. If you need parking spot, please inform us beforehand, so we can reserve it for you.
Parking from 20:00 to 07:00  per night – CHF 19.50
Parking per 24 hours – CHF 29.00



For convinience of our international customers, who come from all over the world, we provide them with internatinal adapters. Please ask receptionist more information. Deposit CHF 10.00 or € 10.00

Free Lucerne BusTicket

Free Lucerne Mobility Ticket zone 10  2nd class / excl. boat
One ticket for your whole stay. Please do not miss it!

For example: to railway station Luzern, Swiss Transport Museum, Messe Allmend, Richard Wagner Museum Luzern, etc.
This is a special coordination with Luzern Tourism.
Please check the details at

15% Discount in Fondue House Luzern

Our guests receive 15% discount on food in Fondue House Luzern in Hotel Falken 1. Floor.
Please tell our restaurant staff your room number when you take seat.

Hotelzimmer zum besten Tagespreis: Powerd by SimpleBooking
Hotelzimmer zum besten Tagespreis: Powerd by SimpleBooking