Hotel Falken Luzern
Hotel room monthly rent:

1 room for 1 person is available. As of 27/01/2022

The monthly room is for max. 1 person in a hotel room.
The room size is approx. 14 m2 with private bathroom, shower WC and a very small kitchenette only for warming up with a small fridge, bed with bed linen, window with alley view without balcony. Basically you do not get housekeeping. Room cleaning is the resident’s responsibility. The hotel unfortunately has no laundry facilities. We recommend you to visit or
Rent: from CHF 1’100.00 per month (as of summer 2022)

Your card key will only be activated with your payment. After their payment, the rent is no longer refundable.
You can start at any time:

  1. make an appointment Tel. +41 41 410 37 37 or : Office hours for rent are from Monday to Friday, 4pm to 6pm.
  2. register with ID, telephone number, former address and e-mail address.
  3. pay rent, register your address with the City of Lucerne.
  4. your key card will be activated, For example from afternoon 13.01 to 13.02.

Terms and conditions:

Are you a resident of the city of Lucerne?” – Please show your confirmation of residence.
“You are not a resident of the City of Lucerne?” – Please report your change of residence to the Residents’ Services of the City of Lucerne.
“Are you a non-registered resident” – You are obliged to pay cantonal, city accommodation taxes and city visitor’s tax. It costs an additional CHF 4.00 per night.

Unfortunately, pets, smoking and playing music are not allowed for monthly tenants.

Please note that the rule on fire alarms is very strict.

Die Schlüsselkarte ist ausschliesslich für eine Person ausgerichtet. Zusatzpersonen im Zimmer oder das Übergeben

Parking space monthly rent

One outside parking space for car approx. 3 min. by foot from Hotel Falken
CHF 300.00 per month with immediate effect

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